A Skeptic’s Guide to Writer’s Houses
Rust Belt Chic: The Cleveland Anthology
Writing Material: Readings from Plato to the Digital Age 

in progress: The History and Future of Handwriting, Bloomsbury, 2015

SOME ARTICLES (needs updating!) 
Canon Fodder for The Atlantic
Use Your Own Words for Wired
Why Authors Tweet for The New York Times Sunday Book Review
      (back page essay) 

The Good Ex-Wife: Golden Age for Divorced Women on TV for Slate
What Muncie Read for New York Times Sunday Book Review 
      (back page essay)

Handwriting Is History,  for Miller McCune (anthologized in Best Technology Writing 2010)
      (see also interview on The Diane Rehm show)

Documenting the Occupy Protest: Data Mining for Instant History for The Economist.com
Wither The Liberal Arts College? for Miller-McCune
Zora’s Place for Humanities Magazine
We Are All Writers Now for The Economist.com’s More Intelligent Life
Out of Touch With Typing for MIT’s Technology Review
The Man Who Saw The Mortgage Crisis Coming for Miller-McCune
Cleveland, The True Birthplace of Superman, for Smithsonian.com
Stop Teaching Catcher in the Rye, for GOOD
      (see also Weekend Edition interview with NPR)
Where Are The Queens of Non-Fiction? for The Chronicle of Higher Education
Twitter and Epic Poetry: The First Real Work of Digital Literature? for The Economist.com
On the Allure of Collecting Hypermodern Literature for GOOD
The Oberlin Experiment: On the Failed Revolution of Radical Athleticism for The Smart Set
Our Founding Novelist for Humanities Magazine
How The Paperback Novel Changed Popular Literature for Smithsonian.com
My Yiddishe Bookshelf for The Chronicle of Higher Education
On Finally Seeing The Polish Rider for Agni
Was Joint Custody A Mistake? for Salon.com
Buy My House–Please! for The Washington Post
Doors Closing for The Washington Post
Was Thomas Wolfe A Genius–And Should We Care? for Oxford American
A Museum of One’s Own for The American Prospect


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