A New Job, A Kickstarter, Some Critiquing and Peonies

May 21st, 2013

As I intimated in this article, I recently resigned one position at Oberlin and accepted another: starting in September I will be Writer-In-Residence.

In the meantime, I am running a Kickstarter campaign to launch a Cleveland-based online magazine.  Check it out; support it if you can.

And when spring was newer I wrote some reviews of the latest books by Alesander Hemon, Gail Godwin and Clare Messud.

Over in the book writing file, my chapter on graphology is getting longer. I can now tell whether or not you are a liar by how you form your “o” loops.

Out front, the peonies are just about to burst open. In back, the roses are about a week away, and the baby bok choy is growing up.



  1. Where does one ind the “book writing file”?

    By the say, I’ve seen graphologists get things wrong as often as (or more often than) right … And I’ve seen a frequent liar (who had read graphology books) fool a graphologist by training himself to write his “o”s in th manner they consider honest.

    In France — where graphology is a standard part of the hiring process — at least sone of the graphologists who consult with employers about applicants’ handwriting have a second career: consulting with the job-applicants beforehand, about how to write their applications so that the graphologist will score them high.

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