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October 10th, 2012

–Over at the Atlantic, Alan Jacobs wrote about Digital Culture Enterpreneurs and discussed me as a “data point”.

–To research my next book, “The History and Uncertain Future of Handwriting,” I have been learning how to write Spencerian script–with ink and a steel tip, no less.

–My Fall How To Pitch course is active and fun–with many pitches and essays being drafted and submitted as I type.

–In between and at the same time and through the night, I have been doing this. Have you bought the book yet? Be wary: I am in full-shilling mode, and may start nagging you soon.

–One hundred tulip bulbs sit by the back door ready to be planted. Here’s hoping for some gardening soon.


  1. When will your book on handwriting appear?

  2. Anne Trubek replied on October 10th, 2012.

    Kate: 2014….don’t hold your breath!

  3. You’re such a busy little rock star! All I’m doing is trying to pick out paint colors for my house.

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