The Storm and The Silence

It has been far too long since I strummed upon the strings of this blog. But not because I have been off re-reading Tolstoy or drowsing on the beaches of Croatia–two things I considered doing this summer–but because I have been working on a few other things, some sotte voce and some thunderous.

About 6 weeks ago I decided to edit a book and publish it by Labor Day, and my collaborator and I have been forwarding and filing streams of submissions, tracking changing, quoting printers, designing gutters, new posting on wordpress and hobnobbing in breweries. I’ve been in book boot camp.

What I’ve learned– about self-publishing, about the city I live in, about collaboration, and about beer, consumed. All consuming yes, but also double-time producing, in the great tradition of the rust belt.

Okay, here you go, take a look. 

The silence of the other activities must remain for a bit yet, but involves good things, great things, things I will invariably brag about too much on twitter. Think  bookish news as well as day job updates.

Otherwise, the morning glories have scattered everywhere–up the blueberries, up the down spouts, over the gazebo. I walk about every morning, looking for the purple.



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