Rust Belt Chic: The Cleveland Anthology

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The term “rust belt chic” began as a phrase for a concept that had no name, to describe geographically unique and interesting places. Now the term is being used  by the national media and others to define a certain cool or a new aesthetic.

This book will define Rust Belt Chic by documenting what the term means to those of us who live or have lived in Cleveland. The book will to be neither polyanna nor despairing: our aim is descriptive. Rust Belt Chic: The Cleveland Anthology will be 100% Cleveland produced, and we plan to publish it by Labor Day, in both print and e-book form.

The book will be edited by Richey Piiparinen and Anne Trubek. Unfortunately, we cannot pay contributors, but we will work hard to make your writing shine. We hope the book will be gobbled up  by Clevelanders and editors, urban planners and creative-types across the country and overseas. We will consider previously published material.

Interested in contributing? We’re looking for non-fiction pitches (profiles, think-pieces, personal essays, etc.) or completed pieces of 500-2000 words. We’re also interested in hearing from graphic artists with a story to tell, business owners and  civically-minded folks  who would like to participate. We aim to make selections by June 30.

Topics could include the following:

–Journey, the importance of pilgrimage
–Attachment to place
–Importance of heritage, particularly ethnic background
–Food, drink and  identity
–Aesthetics of wear and ruin
–The value of blue collar culture
–Authentic landscapes

Send pitches, submissions, questions, comments, offers to help or subvent to:


Anne Trubek and Richey Piiparinen





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